Merry and Bright!

December 13, 2011
As a rule of thumb, I love to check the mail as soon as I get home. With that said, the mailbox was extra exciting yesterday afternoon…I came home to a mailbox full of Christmas cards that quickly found their way onto our refrigerator. In response, our Christmas cards have been mailed (well most of them – still waiting on a few missing addresses). However, I simply cannot send a card to everyone…so here it is. From our home to yours…I hope your days are “merry and bright” all year long. PS: I’m traveling today…so I’ll be away from my...
Show Me Some Leg!

December 06, 2011
I wish I had an explanation for this. Feel free to interpret or caption. In the meantime, happy Tuesday!     
The Great Christmas Paw

November 29, 2011
I’m one of those people that like my holidays one at a time…so as soon as Thanksgiving was behind us, I was ready to decorate our house for the holidays. Kitty Paw wasn’t so excited…at first. Decorating means lots of moving boxes, open and closed doors…and of course, the vacuum cleaner (courtesy of my neat freak husband). However, once everything was in place, she quickly found her favorite spot under the Christmas tree – it’s her favorite. This is just the first of many reasons that I love this time of year. Happy Tuesday! PS: Did you see that...

November 22, 2011
In the spirit of Thanksgiving…I have a lot to be thankful for. In particular, I am thankful to have friends all over the country…friends like Kat who will drive four hours to meet up with me for an afternoon…friends whose families are willing to come along for the ride…and coworkers willing to join the adventure. Yep – I got to meet my friend Kat in the flesh on Sunday afternoon…along with her husband and son. After grabbing a bite to eat, we drove over to a local park by the river for a little photo walk. Of all things we wanted to accomplish, we decided...