The Stare Down

August 23, 2011
The other day, Kitty Paw gave me a moment of her time…and I say a moment, because after this shot, she hit her water fountain. Now that I look at it, I think Kitty Paw is mocking my header photo. She’s such a poser. PS: Today I am musing. The theme is NEGATIVE SPACE. Be sure to click over and leave me a little blog love. Thanks!PSS: I am being featured at Moms Who Click today…AND Scavenger Hunt Sunday is being featured at Through a Photographer’s Eyes. Be sure to check out both features. Have a great
Best Friends

August 09, 2011
Our niece, Alyssa, really hoped that she and Kitty Paw would hit it off during her visit this past weekend. For the record, they did become friends…in a “I’ll jump beside you long enough for you to rub my back for about 10 seconds, then run off” sorta way (which is more attention than she normally gives people who are not her mommy and daddy). All weekend long Alyssa would attempt various tricks to get Kitty Paw’s attention. She sat as still as a seven year old can while watching TV…she left her bedroom door open in hopes that Kitty Paw might decide to...
I Heart Faces: Water

July 25, 2011
This photo was taken yesterday during a PEACE(ful) Protest. Come back later this week for the rest of the story (and don’t be surprised if you see this photo again). In the meantime, check out more “water” photos at:
American Woman

July 04, 2011
Today, I thought I’d enjoy spending the day with my husband. At this point, I have not taken my Good to WOW SOOC shot…I’ll be sure to link up later today. In the meantime, I thought I’d leave you with a self-portrait (inspired by Elena at Selfie Magic). Happy 4th of