Give of Your Resouces

August 23, 2011
This past weekend, my husband and I rented a movie…Soul Surfer. WOW – what a great movie (and a tear jerker at that). If you haven’t seen it, I definitely recommend it. Interestingly enough, while the movie was good, it wasn’t Soul Surfer that stuck with me hours/days later…it was a preview…this preview. I haven’t seen this movie yet, but it does leave a powerful message. How far would you go…how much would you risk…how hard would you fight…to save a life? And that’s exactly what I had on my mind as I went into this...
Serve Where You’re Gifted

August 16, 2011
This past week, my church continued their series called “Unpacking Hope.” This week our focus was on “serving where you’re gifted.” [Click HERE to watch the original message.] Then, just this morning…I received the following email from the Brave Girls Club: “There is a beautiful and little known secret to happiness that it sometimes takes us way too long to finally learn….and it is one that we can start practicing today, fabulous friend.When life feels overwhelming, upsetting or grim…we can instantly change...
Live What You Learn

August 09, 2011
This past week, my church started a new series called “Unpacking Hope.” While the title of this new series certainly plays off the name of our church, this series is really built around the idea that church isn’t just another commitment in our busy schedule…it’s a lifestyle. And with that in mind, I’m really excited to start “unpacking” what being a Christian means to me. Let’s start by taking a look at our mission as Christians. Matthew 29:19 spells it out for us: “Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations,baptizing them...
In God We Trust

July 19, 2011
I spent this past weekend with my parents. Subsequently, I attended their church service on Sunday. Our lesson: trust. It occurred to me that on the front of every coin was the phrase, “In God We Trust.” It also occurred to me that I’ve never really considered how powerful this message was…or where it originated so I took a quick history lesson. Perhaps you already know the story. I can assure you that there’s much more to the story than what I’ve captured here. On November 13, 1861 Reverend Mr. M. R. Watkinson of Ridleyville, Pennsylvania sent a...