Pretty Please?

December 20, 2010
Merry Christmas Everyone! I just found out that I am in the TOP 4 for Live Every Moment’s Christmas Decoration challenge. I normally don’t beg for votes unless there are real prizes involved…and in this case, the winner will receive this necklace: So, if you loved my “Santa Baby” photo below, would you mind clicking HERE and voting for me…pretty please? Voting will be open through Wednesday. With that said, I promise I won’t ask for another thing this year.Okay, two other things. First, I would love for you to check out my earlier post today: I Want...
Santa Baby!

December 17, 2010
I am really enjoying all the Christmas bokeh and decoration photos that have been gracing the blogging community. So, when Tara announced that this week’s Live Every Moment photo challenge theme this week would be “decorations,” I spent a lot of time setting up a shot worthy of the challenge. For this particular shot, I wanted to capture something that would be symbolic of Christmas as well as some Christmas tree bokeh. Unfortunately, I was not pleased with my shot of Mary, Joseph and sweet little baby Jesus…but I do love this Santa tree topper. The key to setting up...
O’ Christmas Tree!

December 10, 2010
I think I mentioned last week that I love my mom’s new tree. For many years, she’d bring out all of our handmade ornaments and load our ginormous Christmas tree down with every last ornament until it effectively leaned. Of course, then we would put bricks, can drinks, etc under the tree skirt hoping it would weigh it down enough not to topple over. Last year, I gave my mom a “Dr. Seuss” tree. It was once MY “Dr. Seuss” tree. You know the ones…lime green, crooked, very few branches… Well, she really enjoyed having that INSTEAD of the over-sized...

December 03, 2010
Live Every Moment’s photo challenge theme this week is “pets.” If you look up at my header, you’ll see my pet (um…is that really the relationship I have with Kitty Paw?). Seeing how I’ve embarrassed her enough this week (and the embarrassment will continue – more on Sunday), I thought I’d give her a break and share another photo of Copenhagen. Copenhagen is my brother-in-law’s hunting dog. My understanding is that he’s still a little young and in the process of being trained, but for now it makes me sad to see him behind bars...