Beer, Bourbon and BBQ: Macro

August 09, 2010
I’ll be sure to share a few more of my shots from the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ festival soon, but I thought I’d share a macro first. I seem to be taking more and more random macro shots and fewer flower macro shots, but I think they’re still pretty interesting. I actually meant to take some photos of something completely different, but I guess I’ll save that moment for another day. This particular macro shot is of our wrist bands from the festival. In the process of this shot and a few prior, I realized that our white dining room table makes for a great photo...
Show and Tell Friday

August 06, 2010
A couple of things have happened recently that are worth sharing…so I figured I’d call today “Show and Tell Friday.” And considering how much happens on Friday, this might become a regularly post for me…we’ll see. First off, I won last week’s Macro Friday over at Blogging from Bolivia for this shot:  I continue to get this question, “what is it?” I promise that I had no intention of trying to confuse anyone, so I’ll tell you…it’s just a pile of poles at an abandoned work area in downtown Durham, NC. I told you it was...
Macro Monday: Aleve

August 02, 2010
Remember how my neck and back were in pain a week or so ago? I started thinking about my cross-country flight and decided I better bring some Aleve. Of course that also means I should photograph the pills macro style.For more Macro shots, go to: By the way, if you’re visiting my blog and notice that I haven’t officially linked up with Lisa at Macro Monday, would you please link me up? Thanks in advance and have a great
Macro Friday

July 30, 2010
I’ve been sharing some of my shots from my photowalk all week, but I saved this one for today because I think it may be my favorite macro shot from the day. It’s similar to another shot I’ve already shared but taken straight on and the colors (in my opinion) are incredible. I only wish that the pole on the far right was also in focus, but that’s okay. By the way, I took this shot with my Sigma 105 mm f/2.8 lens.  For more macro shots, go to: And for more “best shots” go to: I think while I’m here, I’ll do some blog hopping. If you’re new...