You Capture: Water

June 17, 2010
Some people look forward to summer…for me, I start imagining humidity and quickly start looking forward to FALL! I guess it’s a good thing that I’m doing business in some of the northern states that enjoy beautiful breezy summers. Anyways, I keep seeing gorgeous pictures of flowers and leaves covered in rain drops. The other day, we had a rain storm (well every other day around here), so I ran outside with my camera to snap a rain-covered photo of my own. Well, the humidity took over and I was left with a weird glowy haze. I still think it looks cool and since this...
In a Yellow House: Nature

June 15, 2010
This week’s In a Yellow House theme is NATURE. I have a number of macro flower shots that I could have chosen, but I decided to go with a bee instead. I’m actually pretty scared of bees…but not as much as my husband. He once called me after doing some yard work. I started laughing hysterically as he told me that a swarm of bees attacked him. I couldn’t help but imagine my husband running around our yard screaming like a little girl. When I finally got home later that day, I noticed that he was stung in several places. I guess I shouldn’t have laughed at...
Macro Friday

June 11, 2010
Earlier today, I found Macro Friday over at Blogging from Bolivia. I’d love to shoot better macros (of course without a dedicated macro lens that could be difficult) so I thought this might provide me with some inspiration. For this week’s challenge, I thought I’d share one of my shots from my weekend at the Rose Garden.Voting begins Monday, so feel free to add one of your own macros by clicking on the link
POTW Thursday: Green

June 10, 2010
This week’s POTW challenge was GREEN. I have a confession…I used a photo taken prior to this week, but it was part of a set that was only partially processed, so it felt like a brand new photo when I opened it up in PSE7 yesterday. Each week, the POTW and Scavenger Hunt Sunday items will be connected (meaning that one of the scavenger hunt items will be the same as the POTW). One of the newest rules with the scavenger hunt is that you may only use one “archive” photo. Technically, the photo below would count as an archived photo. Therefore, to be fair, I actually...