Spring Fever

May 03, 2011
          I think the quote really says it all for me today…and I’m musing today over at The Mortal Muses. If you have a minute, come over and get a dose of nostalgia.
Repeating Patterns

April 15, 2011
Another weekend…another road trip. This weekend I am going to Charleston, SC for a Bachelorette Weekend! It should be a lot of fun (and I’m the designated photographer), but much like last weekend, I won’t be on my computer all weekend. Rather than link up with my usual Friday blog hops, I thought I’d share an image that didn’t make the cut for this week’s muse post. Quite honestly, I think it’d look a lot better with cupcakes inside! And now that I think about it…a cupcake would be really good right now. Yum!With that said, take a moment to...
Musing: 1000 Cranes

March 19, 2011
If you came over today thinking Selfie Saturday…I’m afraid you will be sorely disappointed. Although I’ve practiced a lot this week, I didn’t manage to get a picture in time. I still fully plan on completing this assignment though, so keep an “eye” out for it.However, I do have something important to share: 1000 Cranes (click to read about this very special project). I encourage you to get some origami (square) paper out and join the 1000 paper cranes group on flickr. Also, Muse Mosey is raising money to send to people in Japan, along with her wishes and...
Muse University – Applying Textures...

January 22, 2011
This weekend, I am being featured at Muse University. The lesson is “Applying Texture,” and builds on what we learned this week with regard to layer masks.  If you want to learn more about applying textures, come on over to Muse University and say hi!