Halloween Portraits: Sneak Peek!

November 02, 2010
On Saturday, I visited with my friend Karen and her girls. You may remember the session I did with them in September. Apparently, she loved what I did so much, that she asked me if I would come over to capture the girls all dressed up for Halloween. She even paid me with a slice of sweet potato/spice cake. It was delicious!Frances (above) and Emma (below) both dressed as UNC Cheerleaders…which seemed appropriate since UNC was playing William & Mary that night. My Grandma, wearing her Tarheel Blue jacket on Sunday, was quick to tell me that they won! The last time I took photos at...
October 2010 Photo Hunt: Unveiled!

November 01, 2010
For the past month, I have carried a list of items around with me to photograph…all for the sake of the October 2010 Photo Hunt. Some of these items were more challenging than others, but I feel really good about my work this month. I’ve shared many of these photos on my blog before, but I did want to save a few surprises. Without further discussion, here are my items:1. In DisguiseIs that a baby or a duck? Actually, remember this beautiful baby? Her mother found out that I would be in town on Saturday and asked if I would be interested in taking pictures of the girls before...
Scavenger Hunt Sunday

October 31, 2010
Happy Halloween! For those of you that trick-or-treated last night…I hope you had fun and for those of you that will be doing your trick-or-treating tonight, I hope you have a fun and safe time. Either way, it’s that time again…Scavenger Hunt Sunday. So, if you’ve been participating in the Scavenger Hunt each week, I hope this week’s items inspired you. If you’re new to the Scavenger Hunt…WELCOME! The rules are simple: Anyone can participate. You’re encouraged to take five new photos this week for the challenge. If you get stumped,...
Sky Watch Friday

October 29, 2010
Have I mentioned that I love playing with my new Lensbaby Composer? I took it with me to Houston earlier this week and thought I’d try using it on landscapes. Actually, I was getting ready for dinner when I noticed the beautiful sunset. I was staying at the Airport Marriott, so I had a great view of the terminal. I shared these with my husband and his response was, “but they’re blurry.” Ah yes…the beauty of a lensbaby.      Hope you have a great day and weekend! For more beautiful skies, go