Exploring Aperture

February 10, 2010
As I avoid completing my Week 4 (of twopeasinabucket.com photography course: 12 weeks to better photos) lesson on flash (and I’ll explain why in a few), I realize that I never fully completed Week 1’s assignment on exploring aperture. So, I flipped my lesson pages back to lesson one and thought that I’d share my assignment. For this assignment, I am to operate my camera in Aperture Priority Mode – with the goal being to discover what different f/stop settings on my camera will produce for me. I’ll be honest, I only did 2 of the 3 settings because I was indoors...
Before & After

February 09, 2010
Each week, as part of a photography board in which I participate, we’re given a couple of photos that need a little editing help. If you’re a fan of I Heart Faces‘ “Fix-It Friday,” then you’re already familiar with the process. This week, one of the girls gave us quite the challenge. In this first one, we were asked to fix a back-lit, under-exposed photograph of an adorable little girl (her daughter).  I thought it’d be helpful to share my “recipe.” Here’s what I did to achieve my after: I adjusted the levels and s-curve to...
We ♥ Kisses Photo Challenge

February 08, 2010
With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s only appropriate that the i ♥ faces photo challenge involves KISSING! I’ve been looking for an opportunity to use this photo – it is my mother attempting to give my aunt’s Boston Terrier a kiss. I ♥ the look on her face…it makes me
The Color of Light

February 03, 2010
Today is Groundhog Day…and it is raining! Nonetheless, I must continue my lessons and today’s lesson is “the color of light.” The past few days, (since I’ve been catching up on my 12 Weeks to Better Photos) I’ve been experimenting with modes and settings – I might even understand how to use manual mode (in particular my exposure meter), even if I’m not very fast. So, the subject of this lesson is the color of light. All light emits a particular color, so even using natural light, there is often a color cast based on the portion of the color...