I ♥ Family

January 20, 2010
This week’s i ♥ faces challenge theme is “we ♥ family” presented in non-traditional ways. I decided not to submit a photo this week (considering I didn’t really have a picture that I’ve taken to contribute), but still felt like adding a few of my favorite family photos to my blog. Besides, I haven’t added anything in a while, so why not! This is one of my favorite wedding “family” photos taken by Lynette Mittendorf. Jeremy and I are taking our first dance. As you see, my parents, sister, our niece and nephew (among others) are standing in...
i ♥ faces – “Best Face Photo”...

January 11, 2010
I’ve recently decided to follow i ♥ faces as a chance to improve my photography through weekly photo challenges. This week’s challenge is “best face photo” taken between December 2009 and January 2010, and since I just got my Canon Rebel XSi before Thanksgiving,  I had a ton of great faces taken over the holidays. For my first post, I thought about posting picture of my mom puckering up for a kiss with my Uncle’s dog, but I thought she might kill me. Instead, I’ve decided on a picture of our niece. She got this new toy that has a dome cover. While she...

January 10, 2010
I am learning more and more everyday about my camera, photography techniques and post-production techniques. I’m also tinkering around with my signature watermark (not sure I’ve found my favorite just yet). Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time lately to practice – it’s so cold outside and there’s very little daylight. However, when I ran across the husbanator picture below, I ran across a few other oldies. I thought I’d share a few. What do you
The Husbanator

January 08, 2010
I was going through some of my older pictures tonight and found this one of my husband. On this particular afternoon, we were having coffee to celebrate an offer to join his current company. You can’t really tell how excited he is in this picture because he’s trying to keep his cool, but I think he looks so hot!