The Portico: Sneak Peek!

March 18, 2011
Last Saturday, I met up with my friend Pam and a few members (14-16) of The Portico (aka the youth group she leads) for a quick photography session…and I say quick because we’re talking about teenagers and they have a pretty short attention span. I’ve never really photographed a large group before so it was quite interesting trying to coordinate so many bodies, but we had a lot of fun. Pam really does have a great group of kids! Here’s a few pictures from our session: We started out at the fountain to get everyone warmed up. It’s always funny to me how nervous...
Tommy and Stacey: Sneak Peek!

October 07, 2010
I mentioned on Tuesday that I met up with Tommy and Stacey on Sunday for my second engagement photo session. If you haven’t seen one of my favorites from that session, click here (I seriously think they should blow this up or send out as Save-the-Date cards…something). I learned a few lessons during our session: I am not going to actively pursue a portrait photography career…at least not any time soon. I need a lot more practice shooting people (I am so much more comfortable with still-life).I have no idea how to give people direction – although I don’t care...
You Capture: Togetherness

September 30, 2010
Photographing children is not easy…especially if you want more than one child in the frame. If you’re lucky, they’ll place nice…maybe even read together, but there are no guarantees. This past weekend, we “hoped” to get a decent Christmas photo…this was clearly easier said than done. Emma was the ultimate team player…Frances and Caroline needed a little convincing. So, after a little Doritos negotiation, Emma had a little play fight with Frances. Then, we decided to give our Christmas photo another go. Everyone ready?...
Puppy Portraits

September 16, 2010
Over the next few weeks, I am planning several portrait sessions for various friends and family. To kick it all off, I went home on Tuesday for a puppy portrait session for my mom. For those of you that do pet photography…GOD BLESS YOU! My parents have two Malteses…Charlie and Lilly. Charlie is the younger of the two and was most excited about having his picture made – although it was a bit of a struggle to get him to sit up instead of laying on his back to have his belly rubbed (I’m using the shot above in Hannah’s Those Little Joys Photo Challenge:...