Touch-Up Tuesday

August 11, 2010
Jessica at the Caterpillar Family Blog contacted me last week with an editing challenge. She loves this photo of her son but thinks the background is a little distracting and thought I might be able to help. She was so patient with me as I got through a busy week, but I did want to share the before and after for Touch-Up Tuesday.I will be guest-blogging on a couple of blogs within the next couple of weeks and plan to go through a typical workflow, but for those of you that are new to my blog, I always start my photos (RAW or JPG) in Adobe Camera Raw. This photo was no different. I made an...
Before & After: Motion Blur

July 30, 2010
I posted an image late last night that had a bit of motion blur. Although I’d like to believe that I created the blur in camera, the reality is that I applied the effect during post-processing. I thought I’d share my little secret with you – because it’s not really a secret and because you’ve asked nicely. Once again, I am using one of my favorite models…our niece. This shot was taken back in January and she was just starting to lose her baby teeth. I’m not sure that this shot is the best shot to illustrate motion blur, but hopefully you get the...
Touch-Up Tuesday: Removing Color Cast

July 27, 2010
Note – Google Reader is still not working for me, so if I haven’t visited your blog and you’d like me to come visit, PLEASE leave a comment and I’ll hop on over! Keshia of Domestic Photographic contacted me the other day with a request to remove the color cast from her adorable son’s body. I decided that these shots would be great for Touch-Up Tuesday because color casts can so easily be corrected if you know how to do it!I essentially performed the same steps (minus a few variations including the crop on the second photo) on each of the photos using Adobe Camera...
Before & After

July 21, 2010
I’ve been meaning to edit this photo for Salina for nearly a month. So, as I watch America’s Got Talent…with a crick in my neck (can someone come over and rub my neck?), I thought I’d work on this photo in time to link up with Karli over at The Bonnie 5 for Touch Up Tuesday. Here is Salina’s original photo. Don’t you just love her daughter with the firefighter’s hat? Well, Salina did too, but didn’t like the clutter in the background. I was going to have trouble completely removing it without looking too fake, but I think I’ve improved the...