Snowy Days

February 13, 2010
It snowed…again. This time, unlike the past few times, it was beautiful powder (vs. the wintry mix aka ice we’ve been getting). For those of you that know me, I’m not a huge fan of getting out in the snow, but I was willing to attach my zoom lens to capture some of the action, from indoors. Self-admittedly, I’m not great at capturing nature shots, but I thought I’d share a few of my best attempts.  This last one…well it wasn’t a great SOOC shot (and each of the other ones weren’t perfect – I used Coffeeshop’s Color Pop to enhance...
Kitty Paw Half-Time Show

February 08, 2010
Kitty Paw can’t stand that my husband is  paying more attention to the Super Bowl than he is to her. So…she jumped on the ottoman and kept bumping his hand until he pet her. You know me, I couldn’t resist a good opportunity to snap a few  candid photos. This time, I created a collage to better tell the story. As you can tell, about half- way through the  petting session,  Kitty Paw decided she’d rather fight. Now, I’m off to watch the  Super Bowl half-time show and eat some more pizza.
Coming Out of the Closet!

February 07, 2010
Well, I’m not…but Kitty Paw is. Earlier tonight, my husband grabbed something out of the downstairs closet. About 30 minutes later, it occurs to us that we haven’t seen Kitty Paw in a little while – so he goes back to the closet, and there she is…right on top of her favorite orange blanket. I told him not to scare her, so I could snap a picture (which means I threw my camera into Auto so I didn’t have to mess with settings – otherwise, I might have completely missed it) and here’s what we got: Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
Old Photograph, New Watermark

February 05, 2010
Since there wasn’t a Fix-it Friday challenge on I ♥ Faces today, I decided to take a little bit of my free time today to revise my personal watermark (since I’m by no means a professional)…and in doing so, I needed a place to display it. I thought I might have a few shots from my brother’s birthday celebration last night to use, but unfortunately, I wasn’t pleased with my photographs (so I won’t be posting or using them and I’m sure he appreciates that). Instead,  I decided to use a photograph from 2007 taken on my Canon Powershot. Sure,...