Happy Birthday Jesus!

December 25, 2010
Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ…MERRY CHRISTMAS! In honor of this amazing birthday (and my Christmas present to you), I want to share a video that I first saw posted on Monday at Life with Kaishon. It was too good not to re-share. Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope to see you tomorrow for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Until then, Merry
…with a cherry on top?

December 21, 2010
Ambrosia Clark and I are in a very tight photography race. If you heart “Santa Baby,” click on the button below to vote for me. Voting will be open until tomorrow at noon (EST) and I think you can vote once per day. I promise…after this contest, I’ll do my very best not to ask for another thing for the rest of 2010…and I’ll have a giveaway in 2011…or a contest? You name it! Merry
Happy Birthday Will!

October 14, 2010
(Happy Birthday Will – from Ashley in Durham, NC)Today is Will McCotter’s 26th birthday. I’ve never met Will, but three weeks ago, he was diagnosed with stage IV gastric cancer. My blog friend, Tricia, has organized birthday wishes around the world today to celebrate his life. So to Will (and the many others I know that are fighting cancer…Nancy) I will be praying…you keep fighting! If you want to read more on Will’s story, go to: PS: Comments have been turned off for this post.
I Want That!

July 24, 2010
In all my blog hopping yesterday, I found an awesome website and store: Fred Flare. They’ve got all kinds of neat vintage-inspired items including an incredible collection of specialty cameras.            I’m also a fan of their photography accessories like these:   In all seriousness, right now, the above items are not very high on my priority list. I just think they’re cute and thought my blogging/photography friends would get a kick out of them. What is on my priority list with regard to next purchases? A cute new camera bag!  I may have mentioned that because...