POTW Thursday: Dirty

June 03, 2010
I’m such a slacker…back in February, I thought I was going to start contributing to the photography board’s “Picture of the Week” (POTW). Well, I completed one and then lost track of the themes. Well, I’m back in the game and this week’s theme is “DIRTY.” In an effort to be a full participant, I’ve given 110% – this week, I’m not only contributing one photo…but two! Here are my entries: 1. Dirty Laundry2. Dirty Teenagers (Seriously people…in the woods?)If you’re interested, check out some of the other...
In a Yellow House Photo Challenge: Red

June 02, 2010
I’m such a sucker for photo challenges and this week’s photo challenge on In a Yellow House is RED. I don’t know how I wasn’t prepared for this one…but I went diving into my picture folder on my hard drive. I initially thought I’d display a picture of our front door (it was a little boring), but then I recalled a photo I took at Duke Gardens in April. I love this shot and I love the texture – I feel like it’s a nice reflection of my style.For more photo challenge entries, go
Before & After: Color Casts

May 31, 2010
Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone had a chance to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather while remembering all of those who gave and are giving their life for this country.Earlier this weekend, Kendra sent me a special “before and after” request. She is currently in the process of printing/framing/hanging a few photographs in Baby A’s room. She loves the photo below but didn’t care for the pink color cast as a result of the pretty pink backdrop. Color casts can often happen when you use bright-colored seamless paper or blankets. However, Photoshop Elements makes...
Before & After

May 28, 2010
I “met” Kelli the other day on the photography board. Shortly after meeting me, she contacted me with a picture of her son – don’t you love the expression on his face? She loves the white shirt and blue background, but the photo is severely underexposed (and apparently the lighting was really bad). In situations like this, shooting in RAW is your friend. She did try sending me the RAW file, but ultimately only the JPEG wanted to be sent. I started this photo in Adobe Camera Raw to adjust the exposure, brightness, contrast and add fill light. I then brought the photo...