Sweet Treat

July 05, 2011
The girls at the office and I have been talking about treating ourselves to a cupcake for weeks. Last Friday, to kick off our holiday weekend…we finally went to Gigi’s Cupcakes. It was absolutely worth the wait!Apparently, there is a proper way to eat a cupcake – who knew?! Gigi’s suggests that for maximum cupcake enjoyment, flip the cupcake over in your bowl and eat with a fork or spoon. I’m not sure it matters how you eat it, these cupcakes are like eating a little piece of heaven. We’ll definitely be going back!After eating my Peanut Butter Cup, I was...
“Do you see the sky!!??”

June 28, 2011
Friday night, we came home from dinner and I was settling in for the evening…until I got a tweet from my blogger friend Christy, over at Skinned Knees. @christypeffly: “@AshleyRSisk Do you see the sky!!?? If I didn’t have hideous power lines in my yard I’d get my camera out!”In case you’re wondering, Christy lives fairly close to me (even though we’ve yet to meet in person)…thus the reason she asked if I saw the sky. We don’t have much of a view from our backyard, but I immediately got up from the couch…camera in hand, and walked...
Anatomy of a Portrait

June 21, 2011
Last week, I shared more photos of Casey from our impromptu portrait session at Duke Gardens. She assures me that she’s got beautiful pictures of me to share soon…so just stay tuned. As it turns out, I found a few shots of me taken by Casey on MY camera…so I thought I’d share the anatomy of a portrait edit.On the far left (above), you see the Straight Out of the Camera (SOOC) shot. Casey is unfamiliar with my camera’s settings, so…I set up the shot and got into place. Also, since I shoot RAW, all of my photos appear a little dull SOOC…thus the reason...
In Love: Mary and Enrique

June 07, 2011
On Saturday morning, we attended Mary and Enrique’s wedding at Sarah P. Duke Gardens. You may recall (if you’ve been following me for any time) that my husband proposed to me at Duke Gardens on June 5, 2008…so it was quite a special day. During wedding ceremonies, I do my best not to take over the photographer’s job…but, I was able to capture a couple of shots from my seat in the audience. This was one of my favorites – the kiss! Granted, I could have cropped in closer, but I love the natural framing created by the people in front of me. Considering the...