The Christmas Elf!

December 27, 2010
Remember that Christmas tree cone I shared the other week…the one I said looked like it could be a dunce cap? Well, I decided for this week’s Paper Heart Camera – Self-Portrait challenge, that I would use it. In addition to the dunce cap, I thought I’d wear what my husband calls, “my Christmas elf costume.” It’s not a costume at all, but my favorite pajamas…at least right now. Top = a pajama shirt my mom gave me; Bottom = sweatpants from Walmart ($5 – accidently purchased the petite length and then my husband accidentally struck them);...
I Want MORE for Christmas!

December 20, 2010
This weekend’s scripture really hit home for me. With Christmas just a few days away, many of us are making those last minute purchases. We’re made to believe that it isn’t Christmas unless we’re exchanging presents. As a child, I definitely remember looking forward to Christmas morning…to running downstairs to see what Santa brought me. I don’t think I was a particularly greedy kid (in comparison to my sister’s never-ending wish list), but I definitely enjoyed receiving gifts. Now that I’m married, I’m being asked by both my mother and...
Touch-Up Tuesday: My Christmas Tree

December 14, 2010
The current Captivus Living Photoshop Challenge prompt is using the clone stamp tool. This tool is really great for removing unwanted objects, cleaning up backgrounds, etc. So, I thought I’d try using the clone stamp tool (along with my arsenal of background removing techniques) on the SOOC shot below of MY Christmas tree.ISO 6400, f/4.5, 1/40I’ve got this great spot between our front living room and dining room, and position right in line’s eye of our front door for our Christmas tree. I’m sure I could have moved the chair on the right out of the way…I could...
Zoom Zoom

December 07, 2010
Papa Willie (my husband’s grandfather) loves collecting antique cars…actually most of the men on my husband’s side of the family love collecting cars. During one of my visits in 2008, he took me outside to show off his antique Cadillac (I’m not exactly sure of the model…I’m sure someone will inform me). I hadn’t even thought about the world of DSLRs yet, but I did have my trusty Canon Powershot SD1000 on me. When I saw Trendy Treehouse’s theme this week was “Zoom Zoom,” I thought it’d be a great shot to revisit. (ISO 200,...