Touch-Up Tuesday: Newborn

September 28, 2010
Several weeks ago, Ashley sent me a photo challenge. I’ll be honest (and I’ve told her this directly), I was a bit intimidated by her challenge…only because I don’t think I’ve ever fully removed a hand from a newborn photo like this. Now that I think about it though, the concept of removing any background is roughly the same – I don’t know what I was so worried about. Anyways, I put a star by it in my inbox and finally came back to it last night. By the way, if you ever wondered how to achieve this pose with newborns…here’s how you do it....
Touch-Up Tuesday: Perfect Workflow

September 21, 2010
Kim sent me an email last with with an editing request. I was thrilled to hear from Kim as her son has been featured in my Before and After postings before (click here), and he really is such a handsome boy. Although the editing for this photo was relatively simple, I thought this would be a good opportunity to reintroduce a workflow action that I used to use before Squeaky Clean.With this edit, I started in Adobe Camera Raw, but really didn’t need do much of an adjustment. I cropped the photo to a 5×7 ratio and then made a curves adjustment to create a little more contrast (as you...
Touch-Up Tuesday: Bridal Portraits

September 14, 2010
My husband’s cousin and I went to college together. In fact, my husband and I met on MySpace (you remember myspace, right?) after he saw me as a friend on her page. I remember that Sayrah was a little shocked that my husband was able to convince me to go out with him…or something to that effect. Anyways, Sayrah has recently started her own blog: Dress Your Best…For Less – she’s got a natural eye for fashion…and for finding the look for less, so check her out. While visiting the family a couple of weekends ago, we talked “shop” for a little...
Touch-Up Tuesday: A Bug’s Life

September 07, 2010
On Friday, I shared this photo of a bug I found in my mother/father-in-law’s yard.  I was really impressed with my focus, but I’ll be honest with you…post-processing can make a world of difference. I decided to share my before and after for this week’s edition of Touch-Up Tuesday. This version of the edit is not exactly like the original, but I have a really hard time completely replicating my processing steps (I believe Karli has said the same thing with regard to her work). Nonetheless, I hope you find my steps helpful. SOOC = ISO 100, 105 mm (macro), f/16, 1/320...