Surprise! I Had A Baby!!

July 01, 2012
Everyone is doing great, but we’re actively learning how to adjust to life with a newborn. I’ll be sure to share my story and pictures soon, but for now be sure to visit Sarah Halstead who is hosting Scavenger Hunt Sunday for me this week.
A Pregnancy Story: Wishes for Baby

June 23, 2012
Yesterday, I celebrated my 30th birthday. In less than six weeks (I’m currently 34 weeks, 3 days pregnant), we’ll celebrate another birthday (assuming she arrives on her due date – August 1)…actually two birthdays since my mom’s birthday is also on our baby’s due date. With that said, I thought it might be fun to have a “Bloggy Baby Shower” to celebrate her arrival. In lieu of presents, I found these really neat “Wishes for Baby” cards at Lauren Makes (she also provides downloads for a grey, blue, brown and yellow version on her...
A Pregnancy Story: Baby-Q!

June 16, 2012
Last Sunday, we had a Baby-Q…not to be confused with a baby shower (even though nearly everyone we invited called it a baby shower). Apparently, a few of my husband’s friends kept asking him if we were going to have anything (shower/party, etc) before the baby arrived…so it just made since to have one big party and invite all our friends and their families. I took a few photos before everyone arrived and then handed my camera off to a friend of mine while we opened gifts. I can only assume that you’re interested in seeing how it all went down. While I’m here, I...
32 Week Bump Report and Maternity Photos (Part 2)...

June 09, 2012
This past weekend, I met up with Casey Martinez for a second round of maternity photos (you most likely know her from her personal blog: One Day at a Time). You may recall that I had a first round of maternity photos taken by my girl, Sarah Halstead, just a couple of weeks ago. Looking back at those photos taken at 29 weeks, I really feel as though I look pregnant…minus the fact that I definitely FEEL pregnant. You may have already seen these photos on Casey’s facebook page (if you follow her), but I also thought I’d share them here…in addition to my weekly bump...