June 18, 2011
I don’t have an i-phone…or an i-mac, i-pad or i-pod. According to the commercials, I’m a PC…I operate a Blackberry (not even a cool one)…and I listen to music on a Sony Walkman. Most times, I’m perfectly okay with that position…that is until all of the i-phone users (you know who you are) rub your sweet apps in my face. It’s not nice!  I’m really kidding…minus being a tad bit envious of Instagram and WordFoto. However, the other night, my husband let me play with his Droid Incredible…so I have photos to contribute to the...
Friday Perspectives

April 01, 2011
I feel a little random today. In all fairness, my blog is named “RAMBLINGS and Photos” though, so I think I’ll lead with the ramblings today. In High School, I was infamous for my random stories…they were traditionally known as “Ashley Stories.” And if you were to get all my high school buddies in a room together, I’m sure they’d be happy to take a walk down memory lane and make fun of me for a little while (Candace…I’m sure you can account for the gang). In my defense, I have a fairly creative brain and creativity is unpredictable...
Friday Ramblings and Reflections

March 04, 2011
Last night I had dinner with Sarah, the NapTime MomTog. Notice that I didn’t say I had dinner with Sarah and her family? That’s right…just me and Sarah…a little girl’s night out, if you will. After enjoying a nice Mexican dinner (and it was sooooo good) and photography chatter, Sarah pulls out her camera and says something to the effect of, “well, we’ve got to take some pictures.” I’m absolutely sure that she’ll be posting some embarrassing shots of me later…besides, I was wearing a huge scarf that made my neck look...