November 2010 Photo Hunt: Unveiled!

December 01, 2010
I absolutely love a good photo hunt and for the past month, I have carried a list of items around with me to photograph…all for the sake of the November 2010 Photo Hunt. I’ve shared many of these photos on my blog before, but I did want to save a few surprises. Without further discussion, here are my items:1. Home Sweet HomeThis is obviously not my home, but at one point…it was home to somebody. I passed this torn down home a few times and finally decided to stop and photograph it. I then thought I’d try a little HDR processing. I tried one version in which I tried...
Inspired: One Photo, Three Edits

November 17, 2010
I’m not sure what has inspired this overwhelming feeling of joy and creativity lately, but I’m going to blame it on Kim Klassen. I signed up for her PSE skinny mini e-course a couple of weeks ago thinking I might not learn anything new, but that I could at least reinforce some of her lessons though my tutorials. As it turns out, I’ve learned a couple of new tricks and  I’ve been inspired to change up my processing. Here is a nearly SOOC shot (I overexposed it on purpose and recovered some of the blacks in Adobe Camera Raw). Using some of Kim’s processing steps,...
Special Delivery

November 10, 2010
Last night, I had a package waiting for me on my front door step. You’ll have to wait until Sunday to see what I got (it’s good….really good)…in the meantime, I thought I’d leave you with some of my latest creativity. I dedicate this one to The Paper Mama! On a more serious note, I love this cat! While I was playing with my new toy, Kitty Paw was sitting at the top of the stairs watching me. I love that I can get such pretty catch lights with my speedlight. In post-processing, I used a new action called Desolate by My Four Hens. Love it!For more...
Dustyn and Carsyn

November 03, 2010
A few weeks ago, I met up with Sarah from Loving My Life. I’ve already shared a few photos from that session, but I thought I’d share just a few more of the boys. I love this first shot of Dustyn because it’s so real. Two and three year old children just don’t stay still. I think I thought that if I took enough pictures, I could get at least a few where they are looking at the camera by accident (and I certainly did get a few shots like that)…however, I’m becoming more and more fond of those shots where children are being themselves…running, giggling,...