Perceptive Perspective: Movement

July 13, 2010
I nearly deleted this photo because it didn’t achieve exactly what I was hoping for, and then I saw Perceptive Perspective’s theme: “movement.” I took this photo on Saturday night as we were driving down to the beach. It started raining and I pulled out my camera – I don’t know what I thought I was going to do with it…it’s not like I had any light whatsoever (and I haven’t pulled out my speedlight in months).  Nonetheless, I think this illustrates “movement,” so I hope you enjoy…even if it’s not the best photo in...
4th of July…Fireworks…FAIL!

July 06, 2010
one: My sister came up to visit this weekend. We had a great time laying by the pool and listening to live music at one of the local Irish pubs. I’m actually surprised that I haven’t tried downloading any music tonight. two: Last night, we found ourselves on a hospital parking deck to view the fireworks. Unfortunately, we were over a mile away from the fireworks and I only brought my 50 mm f/1.8 lens. I also failed to bring my tripod. I took close to 400 images…I saved THREE! We should have just gotten sparklers and called it a day. three: I have $50 to spend at TJ Maxx (a...