Giddy Up!

May 06, 2011
Have you ever visited Urban Dictionary? I tell ya what, it’s the greatest source for all things pop culture – although some of their definitions can be a bit scandalous (just giving you fair warning). I wasn’t sure what to post today, until I ran across an image I took last week, when I met up with Casey. As we were walking downtown, I spotted this vintage mechanical horse (or as my friend Emily calls it, a grocery store horse). It was screaming to be photographed. It was only when I dropped this photo’s html into blogger that “giddy up” emerged.  For the...
Photographs and Reflections…featuring Casey!...

April 29, 2011
On Wednesday, I shared a couple of teaser photos from my “play date” on Tuesday evening with Casey of One Day at a Time. I thought you might be interested in seeing a few more of my favorites from our session. Casey may be my new favorite model…she is gorgeous (and she was kind enough to share one of her favorite places to photograph). Don’t you just love this RED DOOR?! To be completely honest, I am pretty horrible inexperienced when it comes to posing. We decided that if we weren’t going to have a model shoot (cancelled due to weather), that we would practice...
Jelly Beans

April 22, 2011
I had no idea how much I love jelly beans…and I’m not sure that I love all jelly beans, but since that day in the office when these glorious jelly beans magically appeared, I can’t help but walk by and grab one. You might say they’re “Magically Delicious.” Yeah…I’m in one of those moods. Have a wonderful Good Friday!