I “Heart” Cookies

January 12, 2011
Last night, I noticed that the theme for this week’s Simplicity Photo Challenge was food. I wasn’t quite sure what I’d do (or if I’d do anything at all) but I figured that if the opportunity presented itself, I would certainly find something worth shooting.  Besides, I made it into Faith’s TOP 5 this week, so if you want to vote for me…that’d be cool. So…this morning, as I waltzed into the office (I actually just walked…at a slow pace, because well…I was tired), I noticed that there were CUPCAKES sitting on the kitchen counter. I...
Touch-Up Tuesday: My Christmas Tree

December 14, 2010
The current Captivus Living Photoshop Challenge prompt is using the clone stamp tool. This tool is really great for removing unwanted objects, cleaning up backgrounds, etc. So, I thought I’d try using the clone stamp tool (along with my arsenal of background removing techniques) on the SOOC shot below of MY Christmas tree.ISO 6400, f/4.5, 1/40I’ve got this great spot between our front living room and dining room, and position right in line’s eye of our front door for our Christmas tree. I’m sure I could have moved the chair on the right out of the way…I could...
Dream, Hope, Love

November 18, 2010
I continue to be inspired this week and I haven’t even picked up my camera since Sunday (which means I haven’t done my Scavenger Hunt yet)…I’ve been having too much fun in Photoshop Elements (can you even imagine what will happen when I upgrade to CS5?). I had a couple of challenges this week that really inspired me. Captivus Living has presented a new Photoshop Challenge meant to encourage us to use photoshop tools that we may not have used before. This week’s theme was “liquefy” using the liquefy tool. I’ve been so excited about this prompt...
Scavenger Hunt Sunday

November 14, 2010
This has been a good week for me and photography – I feel creative…I feel inspired…I feel really good. I even managed to get ahead of myself this week which is pretty awesome (and necessary considering that the holidays are quickly approaching). Anyways, it’s that time again…Scavenger Hunt Sunday. So, if you’ve been participating in the Scavenger Hunt each week, I hope this week’s items inspired you. If you’re new to the Scavenger Hunt…WELCOME! The rules are simple: Anyone can participate. You’re encouraged to take five...