Selfie Saturday: Magic Tricks and Lies

April 16, 2011
I can just hear my sister now…”you’re weird.” Well, in all fairness, Elena’s Selfie Saturday prompt this week was “magic tricks.” Perhaps I took her prompt a little too literally…or rather, I pulled a “rabbit out of the hat.” But, in the spirit of Easter, I thought it might be fun to transition myself into an Easter Bunny. Again, my sister chimes in…”you’re weird.” Now that I think about it, maybe she’s right…this is NOT how I remembered Easter at all, but I hope you’ll see the humor in it....
Selfie Saturday: The Fan

April 09, 2011
Earlier this week, I read Elena’s “My Friend, the Fan.” My first thought, “um…this is going to be interesting.” But then I put on my big girl britches and decided to give it a try…meaning that I went to the gym, took an incredibly fast shower, got all dolled up, chased Kitty Paw around and set up my “studio” (also known as my bedroom by the window) all before the sun went down. Actually, it worked to my advantage – the light was perfectly GORGEOUS! To be completely honest, it’s been beyond difficult not to share these photos...
Selfie Saturday…The Glasses

April 02, 2011
At some point in the past couple of weeks, I decided that I needed a pair of dorky glasses. I think my mild obsession stems from an episode of American Idol in which one of the contestants was wearing a ginormous pair of glasses (much like the ones you see me wearing). For some reason, these glasses reminded me of being a silly kid…the kid that was itching to get out! So, I made plans to play a bit of an April Fools Day joke on one of my coworkers by wearing the glasses to work yesterday. I was going to tell her that I got something in my eyes on Thursday night…that my vision...
Selfie Saturday – I AM BEAUTIFUL!

March 26, 2011
Two weeks ago, Elena taught us all how to achieve “model eyes.” I practiced all week in the mirror but just didn’t take my self portrait in time. On Monday, I got my hair did…and after seeing Elena’s photo for “Camera” during Scavenger Hunt Sunday last week, I was inspired. Let me tell ya, it is incredibly hard to take a picture of yourself in your side view mirrors with a 50mm lens (at least it is on my 7D…focused). But, I really like this shot, so I’m happy to share it with you today. If nothing else, I feel more confident to achieve...