Scavenger Hunt Sunday

November 21, 2010
This week, I didn’t pick up my camera at all until Friday night. I spent most of my week going through my macros from last Sunday, editing one at a time. I’m not complaining at all…just the opposite. I have really enjoyed expressing my creative side through editing (and I hope you’ve enjoyed it too). I have fallen back in love with texture and just can’t seem to get enough (thank you Kim Klassen). I clearly love this side of photography and while I will continue to improve my portrait work (photographing people), I will always love still life...
Kitty Paw and the Orange Blanket

November 15, 2010
Kitty Paw loves cold weather. Like most animals, Kitty Paw loves to sleep…and she really loves to sleep on warm blankets. My husband has this old (but incredibly warm) orange blanket that Kitty Paw really loves, but we only bring it out of the closet when it starts to get chilly at night. So…this weekend, we brought out the orange blanket. I think she was upstairs when I opened the closet door, but within seconds, she was checking out the couch to see what was going on. Moments later…she was sound asleep on my feet. This shot just happened to be taken from where I was...
The Little Details

November 08, 2010
This week’s Paper Heart Camera theme is “the little details.” I’ve been thinking a lot about the little details with the holidays right around the corner. This year, we are hosting an annual Thanksgiving Extravaganza at our home…this will be the first time we’ve hosted such an event, and the first time we’ll use our wedding china (stoneware, but same difference). I’ve been excited to dress up our table a little bit and bought five large antique-looking glass ornaments. The details are so beautiful (can you see the rainbow?). For more...
Self Portrait

October 13, 2010
This month, I had several prompts to take a new self portrait: Jess’ monthly “Facing Myself” photo challenge at The Old Nichols Farm, this week’s Paper Heart Camera’s “Show and Tell” challenge, and of course the October 2010 Photo Hunt (one of the items is a self-portrait). So…armed with my tripod, 50mm lens , wide angle converter and a little creativity, I decided that yesterday would be the day I’d take a decent self-portrait. Oddly enough, my first idea was not to take a pretty picture, but to put curlers in my hair. Yes…you know...