Backgrounds & Layer Masks for PSE

August 18, 2010
How did I take this cute snapshot….…and turn it into this?Backgrounds and Layer Masks! I’m guest blogging over at Skinned Knees today. Go check out my tutorial and tell Christy I sent you! More later – have a great
Touch-Up Tuesday: Sweet Sister

July 06, 2010
My “sweet sister” came to visit us this weekend. While we were at the pool, I thought about Skinned Knees and remembered that I needed to take a “splash” photo. I yell out to my sister, “Hey Jamie, why don’t you make a splash.” She doesn’t even bat an eye and starts throwing her arms up in the air, splashing around. Meanwhile, I’m snapping away and my friends look over at me with this look of “you brought your big camera?” Now if my sister happens to come upon my blog, she’ll probably want to smack me for posting...
Why Can’t We Be Friends

June 29, 2010
I should warn you…this might be a stretch, but…I told you I would be sharing pictures from the zoo over the course of the week. I think this is a great illustration of friendship. I also think that nothing says “summer” like a couple of turtles at the zoo? Actually, I thought it’d be boring if I posted yet another flower or bug shot…and I’ve already posted a ton of summer rain shots…oh, I even posted the summer lovin’ shot. I’m getting a tad bit sleepy, so I’m posting a 2 for 1 special. So yeah, we saw some incredible...
Skinned Knees: Silly

June 21, 2010
This is my grandma. She is not usually “silly,” but in this particular shot, she is grinning from ear to ear. A little back story…My mom (hi mom) decided she wanted to scroll through my blog on Saturday night. She said to me, “Wow Ashley, I didn’t realize you’d gotten this good.” Thanks Mom! Not that I’m a professional or even trying to be, but it always means a lot when someone you love recognizes any talent you may have. So, on Sunday, my grandmother came over to have lunch with us after church (to celebrate my birthday and Father’s...