Power Lines and Birthdays

November 11, 2010
I carry my camera with me everywhere, so it didn’t surprise my friend Caroline when she saw me pull my camera out from my bag to take a picture of the power lines on my way to a birthday celebration. Actually, she wasn’t sure what I was doing since she was in the car behind me, but she later commented that the new “no texting while driving” policy clearly does not apply to cameras. Actually, I thought there was something really interesting about these power lines…or perhaps I just thought the power lines looked really interesting against the sky. Considering that...
Skywatch Friday: Heaven

November 05, 2010
Yesterday morning at sunrise, I was sitting (sleeping) in a window seat on my way to New York City. I always fall asleep at take off, however, when I woke up and looked outside, I thought I was in heaven. Isn’t it beautiful?  I’m also submitting this photo to this week’s Two Mom’s Made a Photo Challenge:
Sky Watch Friday

October 29, 2010
Have I mentioned that I love playing with my new Lensbaby Composer? I took it with me to Houston earlier this week and thought I’d try using it on landscapes. Actually, I was getting ready for dinner when I noticed the beautiful sunset. I was staying at the Airport Marriott, so I had a great view of the terminal. I shared these with my husband and his response was, “but they’re blurry.” Ah yes…the beauty of a lensbaby.      Hope you have a great day and weekend! For more beautiful skies, go
October Skies

October 22, 2010
I’ve mentioned a time or two that I love autumn. I love the weather, the change of colors and the sky. I’ve been looking up at the sky a lot lately…each day is different. God is really an amazing artist! I’ve taken so many beautiful sky photos lately, that I thought I’d share a couple with you today (and don’t forget that one of your Scavenger Hunt items this week is sky too)…I’m still holding onto a couple for Sunday. This first shot was taken on my way to work this week. The sky was so beautiful that I couldn’t wait to pull up to a stop...