A few random thoughts and photos…

July 23, 2010
I am still recovering from a blogging injury so I’ve decided (well my husband tells me) to take a short break (meaning tonight and some of tomorrow…even though I’ll be on a photo walk tomorrow morning with my friend Natalie) from my blog. You see, 3-4 days ago, I developed some sort of crick in my neck/back that has progressively moved to the middle of my back…as a result of a lady across the hall trying to rub the knot out. This morning, I stopped by Walgreen’s to pick up a heating pad and some Icy Hot – I officially feel old, but I think it’s...
Skywatch Friday

July 15, 2010
I recently found another cool blog: Skywatch. It just so happens that Skywatch is celebrating their 3rd Birthday…HAPPY BIRTHDAY SKYWATCH! I thought for my first entry that I’d post a shot I spotted while walking along the beach last night. For those of you that don’t know me, we’re at the beach in North Carolina. What’s the sky look like where you are?   That’s all for tonight – I’ve got more vacation photos to post tomorrow while we’re driving back home. Have a great