Beautiful Bokeh

February 08, 2011
My brother turned 27 on Friday. To celebrate, we had lunch with the family on Sunday. Surprisingly enough, it was a beautiful day…even more surprising, my brother asked if I could quickly take a picture of him with his girlfriend. So, I walked outside to adjust my settings. I took one shot…went to preview and noticed that I was completely out of focus. However, I couldn’t delete the shot – it was much too beautiful. It also served as gentle reminder that life can be just as pretty (if not prettier) if I don’t stay so focused all the time. (linking up with Sweet...
Water Droplets

January 11, 2011
The other day, Jill posted an incredible tutorial on how to capture water droplets. When I came home last night, it was the first thing on my mind (and I know, it took me a while to work through her tutorial…I’ve been busy). I actually took a number of shots that I’m really pleased with, but I found myself spending entirely too much time in Photoshop, so I decided to share just three of them for the time being. The first shot (above) is probably closest to the color of the dish I was using. I had completely forgotten that I had green casserole dishes…and now I am so...