American Woman

July 04, 2011
Today, I thought I’d enjoy spending the day with my husband. At this point, I have not taken my Good to WOW SOOC shot…I’ll be sure to link up later today. In the meantime, I thought I’d leave you with a self-portrait (inspired by Elena at Selfie Magic). Happy 4th of
Shutter Love Tuesday: Crazy Faces! (Grrrrrr)...

May 24, 2011
It’s been a while since I’ve participated in Shutter Love Tuesday, but when I saw this week’s theme…I knew I had to enter. A week or two ago, I started preparing for Mortal Muses theme: Self Portraits. I thought I’d use the fan again since I had so much luck the last time – although, it wasn’t being quite as cooperative as I hoped. Actually…that’s not completely true – the shot below, my dark shot from Scavenger Hunt Sunday last weekend, my scripture photo from my heaven and hell post last week and my upcoming Muse photo all came...
Blue Eyes

April 19, 2011
When I saw that this week’s Shutter Love Tuesday theme, I knew that I had to share a picture of my friend’s cat, Bella, with you…even though I know you’re all anxious to see a few pictures from our weekend in Charleston. Isn’t she gorgeous? Like I said, I have many more photos to share with you, but for now I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!    
Scavenger Hunt Sunday

April 03, 2011
This week has been a total drag. Spring fooled us last week by bringing in 80 degree temperatures. This week, it’s been cold and rainy. It’s really affecting my creativity and I haven’t really picked up my camera since Monday evening – that’s right, all of these photos were taken either Sunday or Monday of this week. As I’m writing today’s post (it should come as no surprise to you that I write my posts well in advance of their scheduled time), I’m really hoping that Spring arrives soon. I’ll even take a little pollen as long as that means...