Boys Will Be Boys: “B” Family Portrait Preview...
Boys Will Be Boys: “B” Family Portrait Preview

October 23, 2014
On Sunday, I met up with the “B” family at Joyner Park in Wake Forest for family portraits. It was a beautiful afternoon and the park was full of other families and photographers. Clearly, brilliant minds think alike! A fun fact about this family is that I went to high school with both Travis and Stacey. Travis and I graduated in the same class; Stacey was a year behind us. As we were walking up to our first spot, Travis mentioned that we haven’t seen one another since high school. I replied that we’re definitely not young anymore…and he said...
The “R” Family
The “R” Family

July 31, 2014
Last weekend, I met up with the “R” family to take a few family photos at Joyner Park in Wake Forest. This is just a glimpse into what turned out to be a great session. I mean, have you seen these little boys? Adorable! I’m told that they’ll want to do another session this fall, so stay tuned! Until then, enjoy these sweet family moments! Thanks again “R” Family. I look forward to photographing you all again very soon…you know, when it’s not so humid outside.
Family of Three…at least for a few more months...
Family of Three…at least for a few more months

November 29, 2013
Last week, I met up with the “P” family as a family of three for one last time. As of February, this little family of three will become a family of five…and Zan will no longer be an only child. You may remember this family from a few months ago when I helped them announce to the world that they were expecting twins. Either way, I’m not so sure that Zan really cared much for photos last Friday. He was much more interested in running and climbing – you know, doing what two year old little boys do. I remember thinking as I was driving...
The “S” Family Portrait Preview...
The “S” Family Portrait Preview

November 14, 2013
This past Sunday, I had two portrait sessions – I shared one of those sessions on Tuesday. The other session was with the “S” family. I’ve been photographing this family since their oldest child, Adeline, was just three months old. Now, Addie is almost two and a half…and their son, Everett, just recently turned one. Oh, how time flies! In our short time together, our goal was to photograph the family, each of the children individually, the children together and the parents together…a tall order for two very active toddlers, but we made it...