Dream, Hope, Love

November 18, 2010
I continue to be inspired this week and I haven’t even picked up my camera since Sunday (which means I haven’t done my Scavenger Hunt yet)…I’ve been having too much fun in Photoshop Elements (can you even imagine what will happen when I upgrade to CS5?). I had a couple of challenges this week that really inspired me. Captivus Living has presented a new Photoshop Challenge meant to encourage us to use photoshop tools that we may not have used before. This week’s theme was “liquefy” using the liquefy tool. I’ve been so excited about this prompt...
You Capture: Serene

November 11, 2010
This week’s You Capture theme is serene (serene is defined as calm, peaceful, or tranquil). I wasn’t sure that I had any photo that would be representative of calm, peaceful or tranquil…and I nearly blew off this week, but I know how important serenity is to me and so many others.I then recalled some photos I took the other day as I drove some of the country roads by our house. I’m often drawn to this one pasture just a couple of miles from our house (you may recall a photo I shared from the same pasture a few weeks ago: here.) These roads are just minutes from...
You Capture: Silence

November 04, 2010
This week’s You Capture theme is “silence.” Actually, there are two themes: Halloween and silence…I just chose to share my “silent” photo since I’ve already shared so much Halloween goodness (that and I’m saving one for the new Live Every Moment Photo Challenge which starts tomorrow – the theme is “In Disguise”). I often associate silence with sleep. My mind races all day long and I look forward to getting a good night’s rest. Unfortunately, sleep is not always easy for me and I struggle to turn off the noise. Praying...
Autumn Color

October 28, 2010
This week, in North Carolina, we are still experiencing 80+ degree temperatures. I was in Houston on Monday and Tuesday…same thing. So, I’m protesting the weather, pulling out my long sleeve t-shirts and proclaiming that AUTUMN IS HERE!To celebrate Autumn (aka FALL), there are a few photo challenges this week with an autumn or fall theme. So, I thought I’d share some of this week’s pictures that represent fall.   First, I thought I’d share a little more of the fun I’m having with my new Lensbaby Composer with a star aperture disk – this is really...