January 20, 2010
Categories: Photography
Case of the “Wants!”
I guess I knew when I bought my (first) DSLR, that it’d quickly become an expensive hobby, but I am trying to pace myself. And, my goal has never been to become a professional photographer…but I would like to develop my skills (while practicing on my nieces and nephews) so that when we do have children of our own, that I’m able to capture all those precious moments (or something like that). Even still, I am having a huge case of the wants…which stems from photography envy. As part of this learning period, I’ve got all kinds of photography websites, blogs and forums bookmarked. Since I can’t very easily leave work and practice like I’d like; I frequent these sites during the day, take notes, etc.

Example: Fake Floors and Walls (www.becoming-mom.net, left picture credit). Do I have any reason to need a fake floor or wall? No. But look at this adorable little girl with her tutu, the distressed floor and the coral seamless paper! Or, what about the picture of the baby and onesies on a clothes line! OMG – I wish I could post that picture…too cute! And don’t get me started on lens…

So, don’t expect me to get pregnant any time soon, but one of these days, I will be subjecting my own kids to many photography shoots of my own…and I might use this (among other pictures I’ve seen) as inspiration.

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