January 11, 2010
Categories: I ♥ Faces, Photography
i ♥ faces – “Best Face Photo”
I’ve recently decided to follow i faces as a chance to improve my photography through weekly photo challenges. This week’s challenge is “best face photo” taken between December 2009 and January 2010, and since I just got my Canon Rebel XSi before Thanksgiving,  I had a ton of great faces taken over the holidays. For my first post, I thought about posting picture of my mom puckering up for a kiss with my Uncle’s dog, but I thought she might kill me. Instead, I’ve decided on a picture of our niece. She got this new toy that has a dome cover. While she was impatiently waiting for her parents to fix her new toy, she threw the cover on top of her head and was racing around the room like a little alien. Luckily, I had my camera ready so I was able to capture her in the moment. I this little face! 

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