January 31, 2010
Categories: Photography
Kitty Paw and the Light
Last night, as the snow was falling and Kitty Paw (my cat) was relaxing, I pulled out the 50 mm and decided to experiment with light. This first one was taken in our office with just the overhead light on – no flash and aperture priority mode. 
1.8 sec. (exposure time)
ISO 800
1.4 sec (exposure time)
No flash, but we used a flashlight (as you see shining on the floor)
Aperture priority mode
Now this one is kinda interesting. I did use a flash, but I used my hand (or a coaster – I don’t remember) to redirect the light. I didn’t feel like adding my speedlite and I don’t own a light scoop – I think the effect is kinda interesting. Here are my settings: 

1/60 sec. (exposure time)

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