January 31, 2010
Categories: Photography
The Kitchen Sink Test
Since I’m snowed in, I decided to pull out my “12 Weeks to Better Photos” and practice shutter speed (I’ve been practicing aperture priority mode for a couple of weeks). My challenge was this: 
  • Find my kitchen sink (ha ha, not too hard)
  • Locate an object that is going to obstruct the water flowing from the faucet – I used a coffee mug, then turned up the water temperature (hoping that I’d see some steam)
  • Set my shutter speed to 1/80th of a second – turn on the water and take the picture
  • Then set my shutter really high – I went to 1/1250 and then 1/3200 – and then take the picture again.
So, here are my results. Oh, and since I am snowed in…don’t be surprised if I make another post today. My next challenge is moving into manual mode.