February 10, 2010
Before & After
So you might be thinking…didn’t you just do a Before & After yesterday? Yes, but one of the girls on the board asked if anyone wanted to play with another photograph. Since I’m a sucker for this sorta thing, I accepted!                                                                                      
I tried to keep it simple (because I have a tendency to overkill my editing). 
  1. I decided that I didn’t like the original composition, so I increased the size of my canvas so I could add more carpet to the right side of the frame. I did this because the baby appears to be looking towards the right and this allows him room to look. I considered “filling the frame” instead, but appreciated that the photographer wanted to leave some room for this shot. 
  2. To add carpet to the right side of the frame, I used the marquee tool to select the carpet on the right and created two layers using that copy. I then used the larger canvas to adjust those pieces of carpet into place. Be sure you heal the areas that you copied over – I didn’t do it the first time and had to redo it.
  3. Next, I used the unsharp mask to slightly adjust the sharpness of the photo. 
  4. I then used Coffeeshop’s Creamy Chocolate action to give a nice creamy effect. I adjusted the layers and wah la.
Let me know what you think, or if you would have done anything different. I’m always open to feedback.