March 31, 2010
Before & After
It’s been a while since I’ve done a Before & After, but the photography board ladies threw out a few challenges today, so I thought I’d take advantage of another editing opportunity. I’ll consider this my reward for finishing up my work assignments this week – so what if I was staying up late and waking up early for several days because I procrastinated…I got it done!

First up, meet William. It looks like he’s taking a bath and he’s so cute, but the photograph needs a little work. 
For this edit, I cropped the photo and then ran the photo through Perfect Workflow. I absolutely love that action because it takes care of 90% of the work. I followed it with Coffeeshop’s Baby Powder Room. This helped me clear up the boogers around his nose, clean up the overall skin tone, and make the  eyes pop. I healed the line that the tub made in the background because it was distracting. Then I copied the layer, masked the baby, and set the layer to screen.

Next up is an interesting macro flower shot. For this edit, I slightly cropped and then ran Perfect Workflow. I followed that up with Pioneer Woman’s Fresh Color and Sharpen This actions (this allowed me to better define the focused portion of the flower). 

This next shot captures the sky beautifully. After a mild crop, I ran Perfect Work Flow and then decided I wanted to see two different edits.  The first edit uses Pioneer Woman’s Fresh Color action. The second edit builds on the first edit. It applies Pioneer Woman’s Seventies action followed by Pioneer Woman’s Slight Light action (because I thought the Seventies action was a little dark). I know I could have made these revisions manually, but I’m an action girl.
Alright, one more. This has to be the cutest shot ever…I mean seriously, BABY BUTT!

This one was certainly a challenge, but you’ll be happy to know that I didn’t use any of my new actions (well maybe one). The first thing I did was crop the photo to highlight the main focus…the butt and reflection. I adjusted the color for color tones (this is under the enhance tab) – this made an automatic adjustment to the white balance and I was able to play with the levels and brightness a little more so that this beautiful baby didn’t look like an Umpa-Lumpa any more. I did use Coffeeshop’s Baby Powder Room to even out her skin tone and gently lighten her skin (again working on the umpa-lumpa effect)…but that’s it. 
Thanks for the challenges ladies. How did I do?