March 02, 2010
Before & After
You all know I love editing challenges, and this has got to be one of the cutest little boys ever (although I probably say that about every child I run across). I could get lost in his eyes. However, we had some shadow issues, so my goal was to lighten, brighten and sharpen. I may have actually overdone it on this first one – what do you think?
With this first photo, I selected his face and did a levels adjustment. I then applied Coffeeshop’s Baby Powder Room action and lightly applied each of the steps – mostly focusing on lightening the shadow that was created by his hat (like I said earlier, I may have overdone it) and sharpening his eyes. I ran Coffeeshop’s Just a Perk to do a quick color pop and lowered the opacity to about 10% (it only needed a little). At this point, I felt like he was a little too light, so I added a warming photo filter and lowered the opacity to about 10%.
On this second photo, I cropped in closer and healed the spot on the curtains (it was a distraction). I then selected his face and did a levels adjustment, followed by Baby Powder Room (as I did with photo 1) to lighten, brighten and sharpen his eyes a little. I also applied Just a Perk to give just a little more pop, and lowered the opacity. I’m pretty pleased with the results. Until next time…