March 05, 2010
Fix-It Friday
I absolutely love “Fix-it Friday,” especially because I have the opportunity to practice my editing on such beautiful children. This week’s photograph is no exception – this little boy is just too cute and outside on a sunny day (makes me dream of Spring)…it makes my heart go pitter-patter. Here’s the original:
I really like this shot and I’m in love with his gorgeous blue eyes, but he needs to some exposure adjustment and a little pop. I was inspired by a few of i heart faces‘ contributors…so I have to give Michelle Johnson and Susan Keller credit. First, I adjusted the curves and used a layer mask to remove the “bright” from the left side of his face (since it was overexposed). Then I applied Coffeeshop’s Powder Room so I could do a little clean up on his face. You’ll notice that I use this action a lot, but I really try not to overdo it…and I’m still practicing the not overdoing it part – my husband tells me that I sometimes I’m a little heavy handed. 

Next, I added Coffeeshop’s Just a Perk – another action that I love because it always gives me just the right amount of pop. I may have added a little extra pop to his eyes (I think I actually brightened and played with the levels…it may be too much, but I couldn’t resist). I could have stopped right here and it would have been great, but I kept going. I then added a texture, but removed it from his face. Then I added a sephia vintage action, because I like that vintage feel. I cropped and rotated to fill the frame and added a blog border to finish it out. 
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