March 14, 2010
Fix-It Friday (Sunday Edition)
Better late than never…

As you know, I’ve been out-of-town this week. I got home on Friday night, so I was a little tired to work on the latest “Fix-It Friday.” I should also mention that on Friday (while with a client), I spilled coffee on my laptop. As a result, my keys are a little sticky…so, as you might imagine, I was a bit aggravated with my machine. Anywho, today I am relaxed so I thought I’d catch up.  

This week’s “fix-it” photo comes from Amy Pinney. She wrote, “The photo I’m submitting is one of my daughter watching her Grandpa play Pinball. It’s very closely cropped to include just her face and arms propped on the machine, which you can only see enough of to know what it is. I’m very interested to see what the I Heart Faces team can do with it!” I’ll be honest…this one was a real challenge, but I did my best. Here’s the original: 

And here is my edit:
My fix includes the following: 
  1. Crop closer to get rid of the dark spot on the lower left side
  2. Curve adjustment to brighten the photo
  3. CoffeeShop Powder Room – applied lightly to bright her face up
  4. Levels adjustment on her face for a little more brighten
  5. Amy McMaster’s Apricot Cream action
  6. Warming photo filter
Until next time,

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