March 23, 2010
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Frogs…Monkeys…and Giraffes
I have a thing for quirky stuff. 

FROGS: Sometime between high school and college, or maybe shortly thereafter, I started collecting frogs. Mom told me that FROG stood for Fully Rely On God. With that in mind, each time I looked at any of my little frogs, I was to be reminded that God is always present in my life…to put my hopes, my dreams, my fears and my troubles in “his” hands. Sure a few of these frogs look like Prince Charming, but I kinda like the meaning behind them.  

Exhibit A: 
MONKEYS: When we were engaged, of course we chose a china pattern. In our case, we chose two patterns from the Juliska collection…one of which was the Petit Singe pattern. Petit Singe translates into monkey, I think. Kinda crazy actually considering those flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz used the scare the poop out of me. Seriously, when I was a little kid, I used to turn on all the lights as I walked down the stairs to get something to drink. As soon as I had my glass of milk/water/whatever, I would turn out the lights in each room going back towards the stairs and then run up the stairs to avoid the “flying monkeys.” That’s right…my silly butt thought that the flying monkeys would get me. Perhaps that movie should have been reserved for adults – it clearly played a major role in my childhood nightmares and should therefore be banned. Anywho, we have the cutest coffee mugs, salt/pepper shakers, cream and sugar containers and a few serving dishes with a cute monkey pattern. 

Exhibit B (our salt and pepper shakers):
GIRAFFES: This brings us to the present. I recently decided that my standard Canon EOS strap that comes standard with most DSLRs just wasn’t going to cut it for very long. Granted, it got the job done, but it wasn’t cute…and it was a little short. I went to Etsy and searched through several shops that offered custom camera straps of various lengths, patterns and prices. Believe it or not (and I fully recognize that I’m NOT NORMAL), I kept thinking about how these straps might coordinate with my outfits – it’s the same argument I have with myself when it comes to choosing a new purse or shoes. So, rather than having a bunch of cute shoes and purses, I have a few that are fairly practical and worn often. Then of course, I wanted my camera strap to reflect my personality…again, I realize this is weird. I’m quirky, I like color, I like polka dots, I like flowers…I want it all. Well, I found the perfect strap for me and it just arrived – thus the reason for this post!

Exhibit C: 

In the event that you’re also looking for a cute camera strap, check out PhatStraps. I’ve included the link to the strap I bought as well as her main shop. From her listing, “Changing straps has never been faster with my quick release buckles. Very handy to quickly change from a neck strap to a wrist strap in no time flat! All my straps are interchangeable and long enough to be worn across your body, keeping the weight off your neck and shoulders.” Whatever the case, it meets my needs…and it’s quirky, has color, polka dots and flowers.

That’s all for now. Until next time, 

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