March 21, 2010
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Point & Shoot
I remember years ago, toting my Canon PowerShot SD1000 around with me everywhere. MySpace was just becoming popular, and it was really cool to update your profile with your latest party pictures. This little camera went with me everywhere…even St. Maarten. It takes decent pictures, fits in your purse and is inconspicuous enough that you can take it anywhere.
When I upgraded my camera and moved onto the Canon Digitial Rebel XSi, my old point and shoot was left in a lonely evening bag. I’d nearly forgotten about it until this weekend. 

This weekend, I had the opportunity to reconnect with several of my college roommates while celebrating at a baby shower. Friday night, a few of us met at Kathryn’s house for dessert. Katie was in town with her daughter Grace (who I’ve never met since she was born just a month before our wedding). I was tempted to bring my rebel, but thought it’d be too much, so I decided to bring my powershot. 

Grace is such an adorable baby…and so easily entertained – I guess that’s what being a minister’s kid will do to you. Jeremy loves babies, so he couldn’t wait for the opportunity to hold Grace for a few minutes (perhaps his baby clock is ticking, hehe). I had to catch a few shots.

So, these aren’t the best shots ever, but I still think they are really sweet. I should add that I didn’t bring my rebel with me to the shower either. One of my roommates is now a professional photographer (Courtney Gray Photography). If I know she’s going to be some where with her camera, I tend to leave mine at home. Well I think that’s all for now – today is a beautiful day, so if we can pull ourselves away from our computers, I think we’ll go out with the camera. Until then,
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