April 27, 2010
Before & After
Today, I’m trying something a little different with my Before & After. This is Kristen‘s new baby – isn’t she pretty? If I remember correctly, Kristen’s been working on her exposure and white balance…and based on her before shot (below), it actually looks pretty good. But, I didn’t like the limb chop, so I went ahead and chopped off the other arm completely.
Now, this is where I’m trying something a little different…so I hope it works (and if not, you may see me working on it behind the scenes). I found this great little widget that allows you to hover over the image to see a different version of the image. Some people use this as a way to display their before and after. My husband thinks it’s easier if I just outright display the before and after…rather than you having to hover over an image. What do you think?
The first edit (before you hover) is my original edit that includes my typical post processing steps: Squeaky Clean, Baby Powder Room and the healing tool around her nose.

The second edit (hover) applies Nelly Nero’s “Grunge Lite” action as well as Amy McMaster’s Apricot Cream action. I’m inclined to say that the first edit is probably enough. 

If you want any of the actions I’ve mentioned, go to Inspiration. I’ve linked all of my resources there – which reminds me to add another link to the Texas Chick on how to download actions…I’ll do that now. Have a good one!