April 15, 2010
Before & After
Tonight (or rather this morning depending on which side of the country you’re on…and right now I’m still in California), I am watching American Idol. I have to admit…I love Adam Lambert – don’t hate! 

I also decided to go back to a photo I quickly edited earlier and really give it the proper attention it deserved. Meet Loela. She’s got the most beautiful skin tone and eyes – I’m completely jealous. 
Here’s my steps:
  1. Cropped in a little closer, pushing her to the right side of the photo (rule of thirds). 
  2. Ran a curves adjustment to brighten her up. 
  3. Adjusted the white balance (color curves for her skin tone). 
  4. Ran Squeaky Clean action. With this action, it’s really important to remember to adjust each layer as well as the opacity. 
  5. Ran Coffeeshop’s Baby Powder Room. I did not use the eye bright feature. 
  6. Instead, I used Pioneer Woman’s Bring Out the Eyes action. 
  7. Sharpened for the web (for print, don’t sharpen). 
I still need to upload more of my flower shots from last weekend and write about the use of texture. I can’t promise that tonight, but stay tuned. Have a good night!
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