April 08, 2010
Before & After
Meet Allie. After drooling over a few of her mother’s macro shots recently, it seems only appropriate that she gives me a couple of shots to edit. Furthermore, I know that dandelions are technically weeds, but Allie really knows how to work them.
With this first one, although I know she didn’t mean to tilt the photo…I think it works. 
  1. However, I did want to adjust the composition and push Allie to the far left (this required a little eye dropper/paint bucket/healing action to fill in the new space created on the right). 
  2. From there, I used Coffeeshop’s Baby Powder Room to clean up her face and lighten her complexion. 
  3. I used Pioneer Woman’s Bring Out the Eyes action and then dodged the center of the eye to lighten the brown a little bit (and further bring out her eyes).
  4. I then merged the layers and created two copies of the background layer. With the first layer, I applied a gaussian blur (4.8) and set it to soft light (lowered the opacity). With the second layer, I masked her face and set it to screen (again, lowered the opacity). 
If you’ve read this far, here are a couple of keyboard short cuts for you: 
  • Merge all layers – Press Ctrl, Shift and E
  • Undo last revision – Press Ctrl Z
Just for fun, I thought I’d share the other shot she sent over – cutest face ever! I basically used the same steps with the addition of a much closer crop.