Before & After: Creating Storyboards
One of my internet photog friends sent me three new pictures of her daughter, Keira, playing with their cat. She suggested that they might make a good storyboard, thus presenting me with the opportunity to share my steps. 

First off, there are a number of wonderful templates out there for creating storyboards. For example, CoffeeShop offers tutorials for creating simple and decorated storyboards. I chose to use another tutorial: Easy 3-panel storyboard. I suppose I could have recreated the steps, but why recreate when someone else has already done the work. 

Here are the before’s (I think if you click on them, you can make them larger):
I kept it clean and simple for these edits – they mostly just needed some post-processing. First, I used Perfect Work Flow and then ran Little Perk. I may  have also used Baby Powder Room on the third shot to clean up her face. Once I’d done the editing, I used the tutorial I linked above to create a storyboard. Here are the results. 
What do you think? 

PS: I should also mention that as of today, I’m a Flickr Pro user. This basically means that I can load as many high resolution files as I want to the internet as I want so that I don’t max out my blogger account. This also means that when you click on my files, you’ll be able to see a much larger file (in most cases). 

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