April 18, 2010
Before & After: Dreamy Vintage
Salina, from Twice As Many Moments, and I have been going back and forth about achieving a fairy garden, dreamy, vintage look. She’s been playing with a picture of her son, Cooper, watering the flowers. He’s so cute, but lacking that dreamy vintage effect she imagined in her head. Here’s the original: 
I tried cloning out the water fountain from the left side, but ultimately decided to crop (5×5 ratio). I then used the tutorial instructions I wrote the other day, added another linen-like texture and a border. Here’s my after: 
With this crop and textures, the focus goes back to Cooper. Speaking of textures, I wanted to share a blog I ran across today. Shadowhouse Creations is full of incredible artwork and textures that you can download and use. I fully recommend experimenting with a few of the textures she offers, but don’t forget to HAVE FUN!

Until next time,