April 13, 2010
Before & After: Late Night
Whenever I travel cross-country, I do my best to adjust my body’s schedule as quickly as possible…which means forcing myself to stay up (hence the reason I’m up so late). So, although I posted some shots from the weekend (Flowers in Bloom), I absolutely love editing others’ photos when given the opportunity. In this case, a three-day old baby!
This baby is gorgeous. I felt pretty good with the exposure (I may have slightly adjusted the curves), but I did adjust the color curves for skin tone. I also really wanted to clean up the face so I applied Coffeeshop’s Baby Powder Room in a low opacity. Then I applied an Apricot Cream action (for me, this makes the baby look extra sweet). Depending on your preferences, you may or may not want to touch the face at all, but I personally like that perfect complexion (even though this baby is pretty close to perfect without any touch ups). Finally, I cropped in closer so the focus was on the baby and not the blanket.

I think I can safely go to bed now. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll discuss how to choose good photo candidates for textures.
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